This post has the details about how I created this blog and all the changelogs since the beginning (hopefully! :P)

Just a heads up before the initial changelogs. The current theme is based entirely on the chronark theme by Andreas. Find the original website from the website link given above.

Version 1.1

The website is modified fully from the chronark theme

Version 1.2

The previous version had a different hero/home page designed by chronark. I have now modified it and made a custome home page with regular top navbars.

Fun Fact : All the coding for the modifications are still done by chatgpt

The old page can be viewed using this link.

Version 1.3


  1. Posts page updated with better subheadings. Previously it had something cringe.
  2. Featured posts are updated with content.
  3. Posts page's heading moved slighly down so that it is viewed correclty in mobile devices

Version 1.4


  1. Added a new blog post.

Post this version, new posts will not be captured in the changelogs.